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Guru Nanak Dev Ji


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Original artwork made using high quality digital printing, acrylic painting and a gloss finish on the wooden frame.

Artwork size:  35x50cm

РOriginal digital artwork printed on wood.
– Each piece is unique, handmade and signed by the Artist.
– Unique Pop-Art style.
– Gloss Finish.
– Easy installation – comes with a hook on the back.


This unique and limited artwork depicts one of the most important moments in Sikh history, when Guru Nanak Dev Ji emerged from the river bein.

Each day before sunrise,¬†Guru Nanak Dev¬†Ji would go to the river to bathe in the cold water and sing God’s praises. But one day, after bathing, he disappeared into the nearby forest and could not be found. His clothes were still lying next to the riverbank, but there was no sign of¬†Guru¬†ji. His friends walked up and down calling , “Nanak, Nanak,” hoping against hope that they would find him. They grew afraid that he had drowned.

But¬†Guru¬†ji was far from the reach of any of them. He was in a divine trance in which he was sitting in God’s own presence. God gave him a cup of nectar and said, “I am with you. I have made you happy and those who shall take thy name. Go and repeat My Name, and teach others to do the same. Remain uncontaminated by the world. Practice the repition of My name, charity, abdulations, worship and meditation. I have given you this cup of Nectar, a pledge of My regard.”


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